29 08/12

Good Transmission Shops in High Point

I was received transferred here to our facility in High Point where I am going to prepare for the furniture market. We are extremely busy and I need to have my transmission fixed pretty badly. My car is something of a classic too, so I am not going to trust it with just anyone. It is a 1964 Pontiac Tempest convertible which originally came with a 326 cubic in V8. That was blown up when I bought it when I was in high school. My uncle put in a 350, but now I need a auto and transmission repair shop which can repair the 4 speed. It has lasted almost seven years, but Uncle Robby told me it would go out eventually. He knows that I am rough on the gearbox.

I have already had the clutch replaced three times.

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17 08/12

Bought a Used RV in Lincoln

Beth and I shopped around for some time before we found an RV that we could afford and which would be comfortable for us and the three children. We had to go down to the Just RVs in Lincoln last weekend and saw that they had something which fit our needs just about as well as anything we were likely to find. It took me a bit of time to find Old Circle Road, because I honestly have not been in Lincoln in years. Even when I was there it was mostly just passing through on the Motorway.

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14 08/12

Two Crucial Benefits of Tracking Systems

A vehicle tracking system is quite a useful device, particularly if you are in charge of a business that ships a large amount of goods. These systems can be used for both trucks and trains, and there are several benefits that come for utilizing them. They include increased customer service and additional savings for you and your company. Read on to learn more.

Customer service is a crucial component of any business; if you want to be successful, you have to keep your customers as happy as possible. While that isn’t always possible, it is important to make every effort to do what you can to ensure satisfaction. A tracking device assists you in the process as it helps these individuals get their product as soon as possible.

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11 08/12

Finally Got That El Camino Fixed Up

I have had that El Camino ever since my uncle died in 2003 and the entire time I intended to get it fixed up. I learned to drive in that car when my grandfather owned it. It is a pretty rare El Camino because it is a 1968 El Camino Malibu with the L79 327, Muncie 4 speed transmission and 12 bolt rear end. It was also pretty beat up and it had a lot of miles on it, but my buddy told me about a Pleasanton body shop that could fix up all of the exterior problems. I had finally gotten around to rebuilding that 327. It has new rings and valves, but I left it stock. The heads did not really need a lot of work, but there was no reason not to have that done as well.

The real problem was finding parts for that four speed transmission. Everyone knew that my uncle was brutal with a transmission. He probably burnt up a couple hundred tires on that El Camino. When I was a teenager I did my share of burn outs too. I must have gotten at least half a dozen tickets when I used to cruise on High Point Road in that car. Now it looks better than it ever did back in North Carolina. My wife is still mad about the money I spent having it shipped across the country and getting it fixed back up, but she loves to drive that car as much as I do. It is part of her history as well, but she will not admit her own sentiment. It is just a car she claims, but it is really important to me and I am relieved to have finally finished the job. I put a reasonable amount of money into it for what I got back.

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