29 03/14

Treat Your Benefactors and Patrons Right by Making Sure They Get a Comfortable Limo Ride

An affluent benefactor was coming out to speak to us and possibly participate in the restoration and preservation of an a couple of old locomotives we kept from being sold for scrap. The engines were in good shape. They actually were still operational, but only had value as either scrap or being used for some work around a train yard. I checked them over myself, and they were not being used to scavenge parts off of. We had the benefactor picked up at the airport in a nice toronto limo we had rented from a local company. They sent a professional driver. Our VIP was impressed and very grateful for the pleasant ride from the airport directly to our facility.

We had the driver wait to take him to the hotel after our tour and proposal. We had to work fast, because he was flying out in the morning. We gave him a full tour of both machines. He is an expert on old railway equipment. He found a cache of old lanterns and safety gear stowed in a compartment in one of the engines that is often overlooked by even those experienced with the model. The equipment looked pristine. Like it was put in there when it was new and only used a few times. He found old coins and other things in the nooks and crannies he was familiar with that were all over one engine in particular. The historical items and the good condition of the engines was a cinch in helping him decide to fund their restoration and preservation.

The money he gave made it easy for us to justify the expense of sending another limo to take him to the airport the next morning. On the way to the airport, he stopped by to see the engines again. He also gave us a detailed outline of things we should do and not do in restoring both of them. He then spent some time taking a few photos and shooting a quick video for his children that showed the old engine running before leaving to catch his flight.

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