21 12/14

Started Workng Towards a Driving Job

I got started on this project after I ran in to a guy I used to know. I was walking out of this club one night and I saw him standing next to one of those limo vans. I guess it was one that you can squeeze about three dozen people in one of those, although this one probably only held about thirty people. At any rate I stopped and talked to him. He was working for this place called Paradise limo in Toronto and he seemed really happy. I know that he usually hated his job as long as I knew him, but of course I am not quite sure that this would be for me. For one thing this job is probably going to require you to be the one sober person who has to deal with a lot of people who are very far from sober. I get along with people who are drinking, but only when I am drinking.

Most people do not realize it, but drunk people can be really annoying. I have a bit of a bad temper when people are acting dumb, but that is fine when I can walk away from them. If you have a job like this, then you would have to be able to deal with people who might not be behaving as well as they might. I might end up walking away and leaving the limo parked with the people in it if they really ticked me off. That would not be the worst thing that you could do, but it would not be good for your continued employment. Instead I am thinking about driving something else. In particular I am trying to figure out how to get started out driving for FedEX or UPS. Of course that can be a tough job.

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