08 03/14

Started Playing Around with Racing Carts

I have always been involved in all sorts of engines, but it has been a long time since I had a go cart. In fact I think that I sold the last one I had when I was 12 or maybe 13 years old. I sold it so that I could get a Yamaha YR 125 with really high gearing. It was a great motorcycle and we rode it for a long time. This go cart has a briggs and stratton animal racing engine in it. Of course this is not like a little three and a half horsepower motor you would see on a riding lawn mower. It is a really quick little cart. The frame is incredibly light and I think that some of it is made out of carbon carbon fiber, just like a jet fighter plane. The tube is very light and very strong too. In fact I found out that it was strong enough to stand up to me being a really big dummy the other day.

In full disclosure of the facts it is quite true that I had been drinking for some time before this happened. I went down to this farm where a friend of mine lives. He does not grow much there, in fact he is a software engineer who likes to hunt and fish. That is why he bought this place. He has a huge U shaped driveway that must be around six tenths of a mile in length and we were driving that go kart up and down it seeing how fast we could run it. Of course we were drinking beer too and I rolled that thing about half a dozen times after awhile. I pretty much deserved it, but the go kart was just fine after the wreck in fact.

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