27 11/18

Replacing the Number Plate on the Front of My Car

One day after work as I was walking to my car I noticed that my number plates were missing from the front of my car. I was shocked and immediately called the police. The police came and wrote up an incident report and told me that I would have to get the stolen plate replaced. They told me to get online and go to https://www.theplateman.net/custom-number-plates/ and check out this company. This is the company they recommend to anybody in my predicament since they have a very fast turn around time.

I knew my husband was going to be extremely upset when he finds out so I thought I would try to get the plate replaced before he noticed. As soon as I got home, I got out my laptop computer and went to the website given by the police officer. I was happy to find out that if I placed my order before 3:00 PM they would make and ship my plate the very same day. And by choosing the next day shipping option I could have my replacement plates the next day. I can see why local law enforcement suggests this company.

The process to create my number plate was very fast and easy to do. It will be an exact duplicate that will be 100% road legal. I went ahead and placed the order and made sure I was at home the next day to receive the mail. My new plate arrived just as promised and I waited for my husband to go to work so I could sneak outside and install the new plate on my car. Time seemed to drag on until he left, but he finally started his ride to work. As soon as he was out of the driveway I grabbed the package and took it outside and secured it to the front of my car.

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