07 09/14

Raising Some Money for a Mobility Van

Raising some money for a Mobility Van with the guys at the frat. The money is going to go to this guy who was going to Central Florida University and he got hit by a drunk driver while he was walking down the street. At any rate he is mostly paralyzed, at least he can not use his legs any longer and he needs to be able to get around. So the people at this church started a fund to get a mobility van from this place, http://www.mv1oforlando.com/. We are going to help them out, because we can. It is a cool thing to do so far as I am concerned, although our part is not going to be all that big. Obviously this is not cheap. They list the price at fifty one thousand three hundred and ninety seven dollars. Of course it is a good deal of work to modify the van so that a handicapped person can use it.

It seems to me as though it should be easier for them to do it than it looks like it is. At least if I was some entity like Ford Motor Company I might see this as a way to make a free marketing campaign. You design something like a Ford Explorer or whatever their mini van design is and you set up so that the ramp and the other modifications can be done in a very quick and painless way. It seems as though they could make it so this was relatively cheap and easy for them to do. Then you would hook up with some charities like the Wounded Warrior Project and start to work with them to get the vehicles where they needed to be. Obviously it would be a nice thing for them to do, but the publicity would be worth more than it would cost them.

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