28 01/19

Plates Can Show Your Personality

I was not aware you could actually go and get a great plate made with letters and numbers that mean something to you. I was hoping that I as going to be able to go and get some plates for my friend who was having a hard time. I wanted to get something that would be special to her when she drove around in her car. I knew that I was going to have to go in and spend time with the internet to look up GB show plates that would allow me to play around with the different letters that I wanted to try. I did not know how some of the words were going to look once I got them on a plate and I spent a lot of time going and trying different things. I wanted to make the plate a very special thing for her.

I cannot afford to do a lot of things that would make her feel better so I was thinking that if she came out to her car and I took care of the registration that she might feel better knowing that there is a plate on her car that says a lot about her. I knew that her sister told me she was looking to do something like this and I wanted to include her in the process. She did not have any clue on what she was going to put on a plate but she was going to help me do that. I was so glad that we got to meet up and figure out just the right thing to add on her new plate. I knew that when she was going to open it that I had to capture a picture of the moment so I had my son take the honors.

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