21 12/14

Looking at the Cost of a Special Vehicle

We started thinking about this the other day. It was part of a promotion where we were going to help out a disabled veteran by giving away a modified vehicle. That is not so difficult to find, but obviously there is a demand for a dual controlled vehicle hire in this country now. You have a lot of people coming back from the war zones in bad shape and they are not able to operate a normal vehicle. Obviously the big thing is really being able to get in and out of the vehicle for a lot of these guys. The actual control of the vehicle is less of a problem from what I can tell. If you think about it we are almost at the point where cars will not even need people. They are working on that now, Google and a lot of other people. In fact it is possible to do all sorts of things if the cost is not considered.

At any rate we are wondering how we can do this more than once. It was a pretty good promotion and we had a good response. For us it is all coming out of the ad budget and we would love to be able to do some good and also achieve what we want to get done. So if we could do this once a month we would be willing to do it. The idea we have is that we could figure out how to do the modifications ourselves and then try to have people donate the vehicle that needs to be modified. If you bring in a lot of other people then you achieve a lot more than you could by your self. It is not as though that is going to be easily accomplished though.

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