03 11/15

It Was Not Hard to Fix the Door at All

We bought a new home last year. We found it while it was still in the process of being built, so we had the luck of getting to put our input in on things we would like to have built into the home during the construction phase. We could have done this with something built from scratch, but it was nice to not have to worry about all the beginning stages of that. We are especially proud of our garage because we have never had one before. We ended up needing to get Schaumburg garage repair help recently, though.

Had anyone been around us when they saw me hit the garage door, they would have seen a look of horror on my face. I am so happy that my husband was not around to see it because he would have been so upset. I was crying and nervous when it happened, and I certainly did not need him to be there to see it at that exact moment. Instead, I was lucky in that he was still at work at the time. I was then able to make myself feel more calm, dry my tears and then call him while he was on his way home from work to get him ready for what he was about to see. Thankfully, he was not to angry that I had pretty much ripped the entire garage door down with my mistake when I was trying to back out of the garage.

I had hoped that fixing the door was something he might be able to handle as a weekend project. But he said that, without a lot of friends to help, the job was just too big for him. He said we needed expert help, but he feared that it would cost a lot. I was really happy to learn that he made some phone calls and found a company that came out and did the work for far less than we thought it would cost.

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