16 11/12

Information to Help Clean an Older Car That Was Recently Purchased

audi-concept-car-i-robot-01-copy.jpgI just recently bought a used car and it is pretty filthy and could really use some cleaning, in more ways than one. However, it is such a mess, that I really do not have much of an idea as to how to best go about cleaning it and restoring it to a better condition. As such, I am looking for tips on how to clean my car on the internet, because I am kind of at a loss right now.

The inside of the car smells like stale smoke, and other unsavory things. It is pretty clear that the previous owner smoked a whole lot cigarettes, or some sort of tobacco product, in the car during their period of ownership. I really hate the smell of tobacco and cigarette smoke, and somehow, this stale smoke smell that is in the car is worse. There are a lot of stains on the interior of the car, and I have no idea how to clean them up.

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