07 04/16

I Took My Kids out for Some Old-fashioned Fun

I used to have a lot of fun four-wheeling with friends back when I was a teen and lived in the desert. When I moved away, the area where I lived did not really allow for that, so I thought I grew out of it. But then I had two sons, we moved back to the desert again. I found myself wishing that I could take them out in my four-wheel drive and show them how much fun it could be. I started looking around online for some Toyo tires to have them installed on my truck. I even found a place nearby to get them at a discount. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you are equipped correctly.

After I had the tires installed, I decided to tell my boys that we were going to go have some bonding time. My truck only allows two passengers to sit up front safely, so I would only be able to take one of the boys out at a time so that we each passenger could have a seat belt on and remain safe. I told my oldest son first to hop in because I was taking him for a ride. He was eager to spend time with me. I didn’t tell him where we were going, only that I had a surprise. I drove out to a very rocky river bottom that is rather secluded, and then let it rip! He let out a whoop of glee when he realized what I was doing.

I have a lot of experience with four-wheeling in rocky areas, but my son doesn’t. So, I gave him a little time to test out his own driving. When we were done, I headed back home, and told my youngest son to hop in the truck. He loved it as well. I think we will be doing this every few weeks or so.

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