29 08/13

Having Anniversary Fun with a Baltimore Limo Ride

My wife and I go all out for our anniversary. We do the obligatory dinner out at a nice restaurant, but we also throw in some things we consider fun. One fun thing we started doing is hiring a baltimore limo service to come and pick us up for our day and evening out. We pay for a whole day and evening of limo service. We travel around to the places we want to go on our anniversary in a stretch limo. We dress up and act like VIPs wherever we go. People look at us and wonder who we are. It is fun.

I have had people ask us if we are “important.” I reply that we certainly are, because all people are important. Sometimes we just need to recognize it and feel important. Our little limo trick helps us in that regard. It makes us think of just how important we are to each other, our children and the rest of our family and even our value at work.

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