03 07/14

Great Limo Services in the Toronto Area

With so many Toronto limo service options available, how do you know which is the best out of them? Personally, I have found that services like Limo King are one of the better companies in the area. Everything that we have asked of them they have managed to deliver, even last minute changes and requests for specific drivers they have set us up with. I feel bad for them due to our demands; with our three month long conference being hosted by Toronto, they no doubt have a good deal of business coming through their doors and a company like ours whom has many global partners, it can get down to the wire when we’re doing logistics. We have to take every facet into consideration when we’re dealing with the global partners – everything from recognizing and knowing that the French partners have never been overtly fond of the partners from Japan. When they’re both in town, we do everything we can to keep them from running into one another.

It’s nuances like this that make my job one of the more stressful right now. Conferences like these are incredibly important for our company which is offering up data and research that we have been working on for the past five years. Thankfully I’m not one of the R&D teams, no doubt they are feeling the pressure in a way that is worse than my own. Having a project you’re trying to wrap up, sometimes worth millions of dollars for the company, and bringing it down to the wire to show a conference hall full of investors and partners who may or may not ‘get’ the point of the research is aneurysm inducing. Yet, our teams are some of the best at summarizing complex research to make it fundamentally understandable for laymen like me and them.

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