21 07/17

Getting Our Newly Licensed Driver a Vehicle to Navigate Our Rural Resident-Maintained Road

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was holding the hand of our little girl while she was learning to ride her bicycle. Now she has a driver’s license. My wife cried when our daughter was jumping for joy that she had passed her driver’s examination. I was proud and feeling a bit misty myself. The next step was to surprise her with the used automobile we got her. It was getting tyres in Dandenong put on it, and we were going to pick it up on the way home from her getting her license to drive.

We live out on a property that is at the end of a road that can be in various states of repair or disrepair, and she needed a four-wheel drive to navigate it on the good and bad weather days. Rains could wash a gully in minutes making it impassable by a regular car. We used a shared front-end loader and gravel we kept on hand to make repairs to the road as needed. The residents along the road all did their part to keep the road passable.

It is funny because the road begins right off from a business district that has all the places we need to shop, go to the bank, see a doctor or dentist and more. The school our daughter will be going to is just a few kilometers away. However, the two mile road goes straight out into an undeveloped area that we, along with a few neighbors, call home. It is the best of rural living. It is only a few kilometers from the civilised world, yet we have our privacy. Now our little girl, who is now a young woman, will be able to drive back and forth to school and to all of the socializing kids like to get into in town. Plus, she was going to be driving a really tricked out four-wheel drive truck with tires made for off-road and street driving.

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