06 05/15

Getting a Dent Removed from a Car

When my dad loaned me his car while mine was in the garage, I never imagined that I would also need some garage time for his vehicle. While it was not my fault, it was still in my care so I wanted to take care of the damage from a hit and run. Unfortunately, I did not have the proper insurance to cover it, so I had to pay for the repair out of pocket. Because of this, I did some shopping around for prices. That is how I found http://mobiledentrepairlondon.com.

I was really impressed with some of the pictures that I had seen on their site. I knew that if they did the same quality of work on my dad’s car, that he would not even need to know that anything had happened to it. Of course, I wasn’t going to not tell him, but the work that i saw was so good that it was impossible to tell there were even dents in the cars before. Even the paint matched up perfectly! I did have a moment of apprehension before I submitted my information to get a quote, but that is just because I was expecting it to cost a lot of money because of the great work they do.

I was very happy with the number I was given though. It was something I would easily be able to swing without having to take out a loan. The really nice thing is that I didn’t even have to take my dad’s car to them. They were able to come to my work place so I did not have to miss any time. They were able to fix it right there on the spot, and it did not take them long at all. When I went out to look at it, I was simply amazed because it looked as if the car had never been damaged. I think my dad still thinks I am pulling his leg about it too!

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