22 11/18

Custom Plates for My New Car

When I got my new car, I was pretty excited because it was the first one I had purchased all on my own. It was not my first car because I had used my parents car when I was first starting out as a driver, then I used my grandma’s car when I lived with her when I went to university. After graduating and getting a place of my own though, I knew I needed my own car. In addition to finding a great one, I also wanted to get some great custom plates for it.

I know this might sound silly to some, but this was a huge accomplishment to me, and this is how I wanted to celebrate it. I just wanted everything to be perfect with my car, and that included getting the nicest set of plates I could for it. The dealer recommended a local company, but I knew that I would have more options if I looked online. I am from the generation where we do almost ever transaction online because it is not only more convenient but we can also find the best prices this way since online marketing is so competitive.

I looked at a couple of different online companies that design custom plates, and I knew instantly which one I wanted to use. The one I chose has the better prices, plus they have same day dispatch. I was not in that much of a hurry, but I appreciated that this company can have such a quick turnaround for people who do need to have their plates quickly. I had fun designing my custom plates, and they were very easy for me to put on myself. Doing this makes me feel so accomplished, and I am excited about all the other firsts I am going to experience soon.

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