16 12/14

Commercial Use of Citroen Berlingo Vans

I make deliveries of the products my family and I produce at our shop. We have a small business where we take fresh ingredients we grow and prepare and bake them into fresh pastries we deliver every day to restaurants and some stores. We have a limited production run every day, and I use a Citroen Berlingo to deliver them all. We work in shifts. Part of my family works daylight on the farm to grow and prepare the ingredients. Things like the flour from our grains as well as cheese from milk from our cows. The other part is up before midnight to begin making a new batch of pastries that I begin deliveries of very early in the morning. Fresh every day is our goal. We do not want customers to have day old product even though it is still very delicious.

This limits our business to a range that I can travel in a day. However, I have another family member who is now a driver. He will be getting his own Citroen Berlingo van to make deliveries now. We earn a decent living for everyone involved due to the popularity of our product and the willingness to pay a premium price for freshness. I do not ever see us becoming a national or international company even though people do enjoy the products after they sit for several days. Technically the shelf life is seven days at a minimum, but part of the experience is fresh and hot every morning for breakfast.

I like the delivery van I have. Our racks have been fitted into it, and it gets the product to the stores in great condition. It is very highly maneuverable in city traffic, and I have no difficulty parallel parking on busy urban streets. I much prefer it to the box van we had before. It was too big and was a petrol hog. This Citroen Berlingo van gets great fuel mileage.

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