13 09/14

Auto Repair Shops That Don’t Overcharge

My car is broken again, for the second time in the last couple of months, and I desperately need to get it repaired as soon as possible. I am going to look into finding a place that does auto repair in Rockland County NY and does not overcharge for their services, because I have gotten ripped off in the past, and it is never a fun experience to get ripped off. Anyway, I am going to try to get the car fixed quickly, because I am not going to have a mode of transportation, if I am not able to get the car fixed quickly, and it would just cause me a lot of problems, and cost me a lot of money, if I were to be without a mode of transportation for any significant amount of time.

I am not completely sure what is wrong with the car. It keeps stalling out, and it did so at a stop light yesterday. It was quite a scary experience, because everyone behind me was honking, and I couldn’t get my car to work. Eventually, I got it started up again, but it was a traumatic experience, and I started to have a panic attack in the midst of it.

That is what made me decide that I can’t continue to drive the car around in this condition, and that I am going to need to get it fixed. It would just be crazy to do otherwise, and since I do not consider myself to be a crazy person, I am going to get the car fixed. I am worried that ti could be a severe problem, and one that would either take a long time to fix, or cost a lot of money to fix. So I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

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