24 10/14

A New Way to Get Around

When travelling to Dulles I have long been dependent upon car service at Dulles to get around. I used to be of the mind set that Taxis were the way to go but there is no doubt that car services are far superior when choosing a car service at dulles to get you around town for a cheaper price. I’ve also lately have been considering the use of Uber – it’s a very neat concept for a business and one that I even thought of myself a couple of years ago. I always wondered why, with the level of inter-connectivity that exists thanks to the Internet, a service like Uber hadn’t cropped up before.

It’s amusing to see the Taxi companies beginning to freak out over Uber, too. In may cities they are doing everything that they can to try and encourage politicians to create laws which will block Uber from doing business. This is really not going to work – consumers demand what they want and it’s up to consumers to choose what sort of businesses they want to see in their cities. Politicians who attempt to make laws that prevent a type of business from gaining ground only show their level of corruption.

It blows my mind that politicians are able to even introduce the idea of a law like that into any government. A democracy is meant to reflect freedom of choose and the freedom of the market rather than a another business trying to block the introduction of competition. It really doesn’t make sense; to me that means the free market essentially isn’t free when a competitor is able to influence the market by pressuring or buying out politicians for them. It’s something that must change if the health of the market is of any concern to the governing systems.

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