13 09/14

Auto Repair Shops That Don’t Overcharge

My car is broken again, for the second time in the last couple of months, and I desperately need to get it repaired as soon as possible. I am going to look into finding a place that does auto repair in Rockland County NY and does not overcharge for their services, because I have gotten ripped off in the past, and it is never a fun experience to get ripped off. Anyway, I am going to try to get the car fixed quickly, because I am not going to have a mode of transportation, if I am not able to get the car fixed quickly, and it would just cause me a lot of problems, and cost me a lot of money, if I were to be without a mode of transportation for any significant amount of time.

I am not completely sure what is wrong with the car. It keeps stalling out, and it did so at a stop light yesterday. (more…)

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07 09/14

Raising Some Money for a Mobility Van

Raising some money for a Mobility Van with the guys at the frat. The money is going to go to this guy who was going to Central Florida University and he got hit by a drunk driver while he was walking down the street. At any rate he is mostly paralyzed, at least he can not use his legs any longer and he needs to be able to get around. So the people at this church started a fund to get a mobility van from this place, http://www.mv1oforlando.com/. We are going to help them out, because we can. It is a cool thing to do so far as I am concerned, although our part is not going to be all that big. Obviously this is not cheap. They list the price at fifty one thousand three hundred and ninety seven dollars. Of course it is a good deal of work to modify the van so that a handicapped person can use it.

It seems to me as though it should be easier for them to do it than it looks like it is. (more…)

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